Badminton courts in Hyderabad

Hey Sai,thanx a lot for your offer but evenings just wouldnt work for me:(I am all too familiar with that “feeling of being offended” that the other members feel haha.Its all too common in any place in Hyderabad(i dont have anythng against the place,i love it,but cant say the same abt the people who play the game here).The oldies gang up and resist entry of any new comer(with no offence taken or given).i am yet to understand the logic behind playing with the same people day in day out:)

Its the same story @ all places in hyderabad(quite a drastic difference from the culture that exists in other cities) except @ Chiraan(which unfortunately closed) and the other place with some degree of sportsmanship is @ Gopic academy.its quite ironic that there are atleast a dozen different places with courts with procedures for membership etc,but in reality getting to play even in one is next to impossible.

I am looking for a place to play in the mornings as evenings just dont work for me..I was an eveninger @ Nizam but with the traffic and the distance etc,it just leaves me with no time for anything else:(I was playing @ ICRISAT but they too have closed down now so am back to looking for a place to play.

anywys apart from my frustrations :p,did you get to play @ the MCH Open @ Ameerpet last month?

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