Badminton betting HELP !

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Well. I think betting is the fastest way to learn to be honest. Already, I probably can predict what is the likely outcome of the matches. I mean if you really claim to be studying the skills of the players, you should be able to bet without any stress right even if you lose that bet.

For me, even when I lose the bet, if I made the right decision, then I will just comfort myself. However, if I made the wrong decision in my betting, then I learn from my mistakes and adjust it to my decision making in the future.

There are so much you can learn. Like money management, decision making, strategy and also composure. In other words, having the composure to still make the right decisions even under stressful situations.

I know that I may not be able to know the skill levels of the players at the micro levels but I can confidently say that my decision making is probably better then most of the people here. So even though I have “limited” understanding of the skill levels, I still make better decisions then most.

But about Bet365. Maybe here is a video that you can watch

[embedded content]

Like I said, they may not even allow you to withdraw if you are winning much more then losing like my experience with NextBet which is a subsidiary of Dafabet. They wanted to verify my information before releasing my monies but funny thing is, they took 1-2 months to “verify” my information until I threathen to inform the authorities to shut them down.

Funny they can sponsor so many football clubs but yet cannot even pay me my monies.

But luckily in Asia, most bookies have not gone to this route yet.

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