Available Stringing Clamps (Stringmaster etc.) in Europe?

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Hi guys,

I don’t know, whether a thread already exists where I can find this information, but I couldn’t find it, so here’s my question.

I am looking to upgrade the fixed clamps of my stringing machine (coming from ProsPro).
I’ve read some good things about the AEF Clamps (eg. sold on tennisman.de) and the Stringmaster clamps. Currently I am preferring to go with the Stringmaster Clamps.
Unfortunately they are out of stock on tennisman and I can’t find any other sellers.

Do some of you know a place where you can buy those or similar clamps?
Aliexpress would be fine too.

Or else, do you have links to a Aliexpress seller with a good reputation for the AEF clamps?

Thanks and kind regards,


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