Astrox 100zz Replacement

astrox 100zz replacement

Hey all,

Need some advice on finding a new racket to replace my current go-to, the Astrox 100zz 3UG5. Been hunting for more 100zz rackets since it became my main, but they’re scarce in 3U weight from local sellers or their suppliers.

I’m fine with the 3U weight for both singles and doubles, so if I can’t score the 3U 100zz, I’m eyeing other rackets that might play similarly.

I’ve used Li-Ning rackets like the N99 and N90-III (which was my main before the switch), and I find Li-Ning’s shaft stiffness easier to handle than Yonex’s. As for Victor rackets, I haven’t had much experience yet.

Considering options like the Li-Ning Axforce 100, Victor Ryuga Metallic, and Ryuga II Pro. Any thoughts? Any other racket recommendations I might’ve missed?


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