Are Victor Free Core handles actually better than wooden handles?


The term “better” is debatable. It’s more like “different”.

I am a long time JS12, 90K user. Recently switched to TKFE 6 months ago. I play 2x a week for 2hrs each day. I am just now starting to get the hang of the feel, even after 6 months. I found it very hard to gauge power. The feedback is sooooo much less. I used to be able to tell where the lift would go based on my feedback, now it all feels the same. The vibration from a power smash and a 1/2 smash are identical. Super weird.

That said, my rotator cuff injury is much better with the switch. I’m not much for being sold on “technology” for rackets. Like 4% steeper! 9% more power! I’m not sure what the actual purpose of the free core handle was designed for but it does make the sport feel a little more effortless in the contact. Also makes it harder to judge shots too. I was blasting a lot out of the back court in the beginning, then too soft and getting crushed. Finally starting to get the sweet spot now after 6 months of play.