Anders Antonsen

I probably only live once, so I’m just trying to make things fun and interesting. The statement comes from the new giant talent 19-year-old Anders Antonsen who will go all-in at the badminton career and let education be education. Even though it means that he doesn’t have “something to fall back on”

He should might reconsider the last statement >>>> or fast as possible teach himself to put the okok-smile on his face, when not everything going in his direction,, after second service fault he literally imploded and start to glow up with a miserable behaviour and from there,, self destruction mode and done deal,, and plain stupid..
I suggest next move from Team Denmark should be to try harder to figure out how they can loosen up for those young players repressed anger, because
it’s a problem for Example AA -VA ,, as I see both have limited mental tools to handle or control temper or turn the temper to a positive surplus with a better outcome…
He is of course still young and untested in a larger context as SS but with the speed the players move up/down and around at the moment, time is to short to fiddle around with anger probs…so get it sorted out OR end up as pray for the big canons who exactly know,, where and when they shall pull on the trigger… The Master Class

And just a little hint from an old friend a Pro Ice-hockey player,, don’t promenade around on court whining NEVER, unless it’s by selfish masochistic reasons,, Why Because in next second you will be wrapped very hard into a sandwich with at least one extra knock to keep it all nicely packed
Guess that advise can be used in other sports

On other hand I find it difficult not to like AA … he reminds me about a certain other old boy for around 30 years ago ¤%)(/=)/&¤”Q before he went ZEN :)