Algeria Creates History with Fourth Consecutive All Africa Men’s Team Championships Win and South Africa wins Women’s Championships

In an exhilarating final match on Thursday, February 16, between Algeria and Nigeria at the All Africa Men’s and Women’s Team Championships in Cairo, Egypt, Algeria secured a historic victory by defeating Nigeria 3-2. This remarkable win marks Algeria’s fourth consecutive triumph in the Thomas Cup, solidifying their legacy in African badminton history.


Algeria’s journey to this historic achievement has been nothing short of impressive. With a disciplined and composed team, they displayed remarkable consistency by clinching the Team Championships in 2018 in Algeria, 2020 in Egypt, 2022 in Uganda, and now once again in 2024 in Cairo, Egypt. The team, led by Captain Adel Hamek, showcased unwavering determination and teamwork throughout the competition.

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Following the victory, Captain Adel Hamek expressed his joy in a post-match interview with BCA TV.

“We are on our cloud now as we create history again by becoming the first team to win this Championships four times in a row. We are very happy to be leaving such a legacy with the same team, and I wish to thank my whole team for being so supportive and also having the same dream,” stated Hamek. He continued, “Now the job is not done yet as we have to represent Africa in Chengdu, China, next May, and we are really looking forward to achieving some good results there.”


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On the women’s side, an equally thrilling final match unfolded between Uganda and South Africa. In a nail-biting battle, South Africa emerged victorious with a 3-2 win against the talented Uganda Team. Deidre Laurens, reflecting on the intense match, said in a post-match interview with BCA TV,

I am extremely happy to be winning this final match with my team. We knew since the beginning what we wanted, but we really wanted to focus match by match and win every match and tie. We have trained very hard for this, and we also need to applaud this young team of Uganda who didn’t give us an easy game at all. Now all eyes are on Chengdu China for next May and we will not rest. “

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As the All Africa Individual Championships are set to kick off on Friday, February 16, at 9 am live from Cairo International Stadium, badminton enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned to the BCA TV YouTube Channel and Facebook for live coverage and updates. The competition promises to showcase the individual prowess of top players from across the continent, adding another layer of excitement to the thriving badminton scene in Africa.