Akane Yamaguchi ( 山口 茜 )

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well, from the bwf records, it shows that Akena has participated in 3 tournaments so far,

Japan IC
Japan SS

and she reached the finals of all 3 competition.
thats certainly is very very impressive.

The thing i am concern is her upcoming matches, since she just started and won an SS. Hopefully people wont expect, or she wont expect herself to be winning every SS tournament after this.

From what i read, her next game is China SSP. i actually think that for her status, she should try to rack up more points now, participate in more tournaments so that she wont have to play qualifying, and can get a better draw if she is seeded. With so many GPG in current months (all the way till year end), it would be good if she can go for these tournaments, especially due to the schedules, many of these tournaments dont have too many strong players.

Last thing to hope is of course, that people do not over estimate her. Or else it might be the case of Daren Liew.

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