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I play badminton leisurely since 2014, for about 1-2 times per week. I do not have any coaching or training before.

Ashaway Tornado T5 is a 3U5G even balance racket. I felt it was solid and medium-stiff racket. However, I could not adapt to the semi-oval frame shape and not able to handle the 3U weight (I use mainly 4U or rarely 5U).

Gosen Inferno is 4U5G alittle bit to head heavy racket. It was not solid as T5, slight noticeable hollow feel during game. It is a medium flex racket to me. Very fast swing which is good for defense, but lack the power for hard smash (I dont have the techique thou). Racket paint easily clip when you string it or pick up shuttlecock from the floor. Broke the frame with a small knock on the floor while saving shot.

Gosen Inferno Plus is 4U6G alittle bit to head heavy racket like Inferno, slight noticeable hollow feel during game. It a medium-stiff racket to me. Swing for defence is same as Inferno, abit more powerful than Inferno, paint job is alot durable which doesnt peel off after some stringing job and picking up shuttlecock.

I think they are overall good rackets, for the feeling of use Inferno>Ashaway T5>Inferno Plus>Abroz Tiger. Do note that it very hard to sell them off if you found them not suitable for your play. Perhaps, it was due to their unusal frame shape + brand. This is my listing of rackets which I used and sold off https://www.carousell.sg/u/papersword/