A tidbit on hybrid stringing…

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98 has a lot more power on offer while having most of AS’s repulsion. Smashes are a lot better with 98 than pure AS for which I think AB will stand as a nice test for me. Will it edge out No.1 that is in transit or my 98jp in pure power? I’m not too sure tbh.

Oh and, 62 Gen1 with 80p was also tested successfully on Shreyas’s racket. We both found it one of the best setups we had tried despire it being 6 lbs lower than my normal tension. What a crisp and nice feeling stringbed that was. Shame the racket broke in a clash.

Hard mains and soft-er crosses seems to be the winning formula as of right now. So I’d imagine GT5 mains at 25 and 62F. I think 62 Gen. 1 would match it very well and it’s available on e78… *MUST RESIST*

I’ll be doing a bunch of hybrids with the No.1’s. The infamous black packets again so will keep you posted on it as well.