A Badminton Video Game


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First of all, thank you for your opinion.

I think you are right. Today, it’s important to be able to make a game accessible on multiple platforms.
If for the moment this demo is accessible only on windows, it’s because it’s the platform I’m used to working on.
I intend to put it on android, but it is not yet planned to do on Apple or linux. And yet on apple, it would be necessary.

Currently I am only at the beginning of the program that I had set (a launcher who sends shuttlecocks with a player who can return it).

Now it’s a matter of seeing to put two players against each other (one directed by the computer the other by human player).

But I will still look ahead if this first demo can be adapted for Android easily.

And you, for example, on which platform are you? Did you download and try the demo?

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