Badminton Doubles Matches

Chong Wei one match away from a double – The Star Online

Fourthofficial.comChong Wei one match away from a doubleThe Star OnlineBadminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) secretary Ng Chin Chai said Chong Wei would have to brace himself for a challenging time against Ka Long. “We are delighted that Chong Wei made it to his second final in two weeks,” said Chin Chai. “Ka Long is …Badminton-Lee wins Canada Open to take back-to-back titlesYahoo Canada Sportsall 78 news articles »…

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2015 World Badminton Championships

Wang Yihan Surges to the Top – Yonex Open Chinese Taipei 2015 Review – Badminton World Federation

The Star OnlineWang Yihan Surges to the Top – Yonex Open Chinese Taipei 2015 ReviewBadminton World FederationChina's Wang Yihan shrugged off a long spell of poor form with a title victory in Women's Singles at the Yonex Open Chinese Taipei 2015 that concluded yesterday. … In the final, however, Li was outclassed by Wang Yihan (BWF home page), 21-10 21-9 …Chen Long shows who's boss in Taiwan OpenThe Star Onlineall 4 news articles »…

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Badminton Games 2014

Life Saving Maintenance Culture That Must Be Adopted By Every Kayaker!

Have you ever wondered why the experienced Kayakers always settle for an expensive equipment for all their sporting event? It is because they know that expensive equipments last longer and are high quality material that can withstand pressure, weather and some other destructive factors better than the inferior equipments. The Professional Kayakers are able to use this good equipments in manuvring and engaging themselves in different type of kayaking exercise such as Whitewater, coastal, blackwater and so on.

One thing that the pro kayaker knows too well is the issue of safety and maintenance culture. They give themselves enough time to practice and plan for each trip and this include maintenance. To them, failure is not an option.

When we talk about maintenance, we might as well be reffering to all the things that might pose as a threat to our life during voyage or competition. The paddle and hulls of a kayak are areas we should look into when we are doing maintenance. This means that we should try to mend damaged paddles, checking for leaks or cracks that might lead to leaks underneath the Kayak. All these should be done before and after any voyage. You dont want to discover that you have a leaking Kayak after you are 100 meters into the sea. What a trauma if you find yourself here!

What are those material you should use as a maintenance kit? Adhesives, glue, resins, scissors, mixing sticks, paints, also have a backup plan incase all fails. You will need these materials when a possible leak is detected. Though most Kayakers are made of strong material today and can hardly leak, but it is not impossible. You will need to prepare yourself for eventualities.

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Juan Manuel Marquez Is Dynamite

Juan Manuel Márquez comes by his love of boxing naturally. His brother Rafael is a former bantamweight and super bantamweight world champion. They share the same trainer and assistant. Actually, they are just two of four different sets of Mexican brothers that hold world titles. He and his wife Erika have a daughter and two sons.

As an amateur boxer, Márquez had a record of 35-1, and two tournament wins in Golden Gloves competitions. He began his professional boxing career in 1993, when he was 19. He actually lost his first fight, against Javier Duran, by disqualification. He would go on after that, however, to be undefeated for six years. Márquez won a WBO NABO Featherweight title in 1997, and he would go on to defend it seven times.

Márquez fought Freddie Norwood in 1999 for the WBA featherweight title, in which he was knocked down but came back to an apparent win, only to lose by judges' decision. Punchstat even had Márquez landing 89 punches to Norwood's 73.

Later that year, Márquez was up against Remigio Molina. He defeated Molina in eight rounds. In 2000, Márquez defeated Daniel Jimenez, a former champion, and then went on to defeat future champ Robbie Peden, to capture the USBA and NABF Featherweight titles.

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2014 Badminton Tournament

Sports in Indonesia – From Badminton to Soccer!

Road to the 2012 London Olympics!

Summer Olympics.

Did you know- By 1980, Indonesia -as Thailand, Singapore and other anti-Marxists states – boycotted the Summer Olympics in the Soviet Union. The 1980 Moscow Olympic was boycotted by the Indonesian rule, under the dictatorship of Suharto (1967-1998) in protest the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Besides that, Jakarta had not diplomatic ties with the USSR. After this event, it competed in the next Olympics.


Did you know- At the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing (People's Republic of China), the Olympic team of Indonesia finished 7th in the medal count, with 30 medals (3 gold, 6 silver, 21 bronze), behind China, South Korea, Japan, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan. After all those important results, Indonesia – a nation with about 15 percent of the world's Muslims– competed in the 25th Olympiad in Barcelona (Spain), where Alan Budi Kusama and Susi Susanti, both national heroes in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia), won gold medals in badminton, one of the most popular sports in Southeast Asia, together with football and sepak takraw. In Europe, the Asian nation placed 24th in the medal count. Four years later, at the 1996 Atlanta Games, Indonesia took 41st place in the unofficial team championships. Once again, the country earned medals in badminton: Rey Mainaky and Ricky Subagja won the Olympic title in the men's doubles.

Asian Games.

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2014 Live Badminton Champion 2014

Olympics 2012: India's Hopes for Winning the Medals

The entire year 2008 was perhaps one of the landmarks in the history of Indian sports. The distant desire to achieve claiming more than one medal in Olympics finally turned into a reality as three Indian athletes won medals to earn the country live through some real instances of celebration. The Olympics 2008 in Beijing surely made India dream bigger and better than confining themselves within the paradigm of cricket or soccer.

Following are the games and players on whom India counts for the medal:

Wrestling- Sushil Kumar.

Sushil Kumar, who is the flag bearer for this Olympics, had won the bronze in the Men's 66kg Freestyle wrestling event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Being the second Indian after Kashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav to win a medal in the wrestling event, Sushil Kumar is one of the most powerful hope for the country to get a Gold Medal in this season. His previous performances of winning Gold medal at commonwealth games, 2010 has solidified the hopes of the country on him.

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Speed Badminton Set

Badminton Essentials – Choosing a Badminton Bag

A badminton bag is used in carrying badminton rackets as well as other equipment like nets and shuttlecocks. It is rounded on one end, tapering at the other, roughly taking the shape of a racket. Depending on design and style, it can also carry as many as eight rackets, with separate compartments for shuttlecocks.


Over-the shoulder: Over-the-shoulder badminton bags are lightweight and slim, with a long strap slung behind a shoulder. They can normally carry about one or two rackets and have compartments on the straps or outside of the bag for shuttlecocks.

Duffel: Duffel badminton bags, on the other hand, are large tote-like bags that come with compartments to house several rackets. They can carry a maximum of eight rackets and have zippered sections for accessories such as clothes and shoes at the sides. While a badminton bag generally tapers on one end, duffels are different. Some duffel badminton bags are cylindrical or rectangular, much like any regular sports bag.

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Speedminton Videos

Secret Badminton Skills You Must Possess to Out Maneuver, Outplay and Outscore Your Opponent, Part 1

Have you ever badminton played against an opponent you believe you should beat, but never have?

Have you suffered the frustration of knowing you are that close to a momentous win and yet can't seem to make the breakthrough?

Or, have you walked off the badminton court wondering what happened, losing easily to someone you consider you're as good as, and yet the score suggests a huge gulf in standard of play?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then this series of badminton skills articles may be the answer you're looking for.

So What's The Secret Badminton Skill?

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Video Badminton 2014

Interesting Facts About Olympic Nations – France

Did you know?

France is the birthplace of Pierre de Coubertin, who is the father of the Olympic Movement. This Frenchman was born on January 1, 1863 in Paris. Pierre once said, "The Olympic Movement gives the world an ideal which reckons with the reality of life, and includes a possibility to guide this reality toward the great Olympic idea".

The Summer Olympic Games were held in Paris in 1900. For the first time, sportswomen were allowed to compete in the Olympics ( six tennis players ). France won first place in the Games with 26 gold, 41 silver and 34 bronze medals.

Marie-José Pérec was one of France's greatest sportswomen. She was born in Guadeloupe ( Caribbean island ) and moved to France with her mother when she was sixteen. Marie-Jose became the second female athlete in the history of the Olympic Games to sweep the 200m and 400m ( Atlanta'96 ).

Like Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana and Reunion, New Caledonia -French territory in Oceania- is not member of the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ). Why? France does not allow its territories to compete in the Olympics. For this reason, New Caledonia's athletes can not compete in the Olympic Games. Unlike Guam ( American territory ), Aruba ( Dutch territory ) and Bermuda ( British territory ), it did not compete in the 2004 Olympics. Ironically, New Caledonia has several famous sportspeople in the South Pacific. Aquatics: Olivier Saminadin, Thomas Dahlia, Thomas Chacun, Reine-Victora Weber, Lara Grangeon, Diana Bui-Duyet, Adeline Williams and Gilles Durnesnil. Archery: Laurent Clerte, Emmanuel Guilhard, Henry Shiu, Isabelle Soeno and Sylvena Plazenet. Athletics: Vaikula Elise Takosi, Candice Soulisse, Erwin Casser, Bertrand Vili, Eric Frederic, Bina Ramesh, Eric Revillard, Phoebe Wejieme and Daniel Kilamo. Badminton: Nicolas Martoredjo, Florent Mathey, Marc-Antonie Desaynoz, Johanna Kou and Cecile Sarengat. Boxing: Christophe Lestage, Ataale Gyan and Hannequin Benoit. Judo: Sandrine Perel, Kyo Lussaud, Melissa Kaddour, Stephane Courtine, Jonathan Berger, Cyril Chevalier, Paul Dulac, Abedis Trindade de Abreu, Vaea Chadfeau and Diane Hillaireau. Sailing: Chrisptophe Renaud, Alban Rossollin, Feri Malhieu, Michael Borde, Cawle Dabin and Paiscillia Poaniewa. Shooting: Theodore Tein Weiawe, Fabrice Azarro and Phillipe Sinoni. Table tennis: Frederic Quach, Laurent Sens, Maxime Bataihard, Ornella Bouteille and Alexandra Heraclide. Taekwondo: Annie Odino, Kevin Belhameche, John Trouilet and Arnord Sariman. Tennis: Julien Couly, Elodie Rogge and Nickolas Ngodrela. Triathlon: Oliver Bargibant, Stephane Lacroix and Benedicte Meunier. At the last South Pacific Games held in Apia ( Samoa / formerly Western Samoa ) in November 2007, it finished 1st among 22 countries and territories. Certainly, New Caledonia has won more international gold medals per capita than any other country of the South Pacific.

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Speedminton Fun Set

Porsche introduces new merchandise – Honest John

Porsche introduces new merchandiseHonest JohnFinally, there is a 'Speedminton' Badminton set, featuring shuttlecocks and two carbon-composite racquets. The 'speedminton' game combines Tennis, Badminton and squash, making for a faster paced game played without a net. The set can be yours for …

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