Yonex Comfort Z 3

Here’s my review of the new Comfort Z:

Previous shoes: Victor A930ii, YY 65z2

Sizing: consistent with my previous shoes. I’m 275cm in all of the above shoes.

Fit: width is wider than the 65z2 but narrower than the A930. These shoes wrap the feet the best because of the bootie design. I also noticed there is some material protruding in the outside heel area to help with heel locking. The tongue although is integrated into the shoes feels just like a traditional one that consistently stays in place, if that makes sense.

Cushioning: Here’s the part everyone’s waiting for. I love the feeling of 65z2 and it allows me to have quick footwork. However, I play on a hard court and the lack of cushioning really punishes the knees and shins. I switched to the A930 which has superior cushioning because of this. From a pure cushioning perspective, the comfort z is between those 2 shoes. However…

Repulsion: repulsion and cushioning are often opposite attributes. Harder shoes are more responsive while heavily cushioned ones can make you feel sluggish. This is my main issue with the A930. There is almost no rebound effect to make your footwork flow from one step to the next because all the force is absorbed into the cushioning material. My search for a well cushioned pair with good repulsion continues.

The Comfort Z is REVOLUTIONARY in it’s repulsion. I’ve always thought that if Yonex is less stingy with the amount of power cushion in their shoes, that will fix most of their problems. Well, the Comfort Z has more than the 65z3 which is known to have poor cushioning. But…the new midsole material adds so much repulsion that footwork is now effortless. The best way I could describe it is like Adidas’s Bounce midsole which is super responsive as well. You will literally bounce in these shoes.

Weight: A930 is heavy, I find the 65z2 light. This is between those 2 but feels less heavy than the Victor in actual usage.

Grip: best among the 3 shoe. I have twisted my ankles 2x with the old YY pattern. This new one is much improved.

Build quality: this is one area where Yonex usually falls significantly behind Victor. The 65z series has pretty crap build quality and finishing. These are much improved but I would have to say the Victor is still ahead.

Conclusion: Best shoes ever, nothing comes close.