Ye Zhaoying ( 叶钊颖 )

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Re: Ye Zhaoying

Yes agreed!

Ye ZhaoYing is very similar to Zhao Jianhua in technical ability relative to the female players that is. On her day, she is unmatched, she has ever beaten Susi in straight sets under 5 points each before. Not once, but 2 or 3 times. Which shows what she is capable of.

However, she lacks consistency probably because she was beset with some personal problems throughout much of her career.

Likewise for Zhao, Morten Frost and Ardy Wiranata both have ever admitted publicly to the press that on ‘his’ day, Zhao is simply untouchable.

However, Yang Yang was a lot more successful as he was more consistent though I don’t think a head-on clash with both players on top of their game will see Yang Yang emerge the winner.