What’s a outstanding racket from Victor? (Someone who hasn’t tried Victor rackets)


Hey everyone!

For some background information, I use A LOT of Yonex rackets. I haven’t tried Victor’s rackets, therefore I don’t know the difference in feeling, frame shape, & so on compared to Yonex.

By no means do I want to get a new racket because it would improve how I play. I just want to get a racket from each brand. So far I have gotten Li-Ning & formerly Mizuno.

If I were to choose a Victor racket, which is the most outstanding or well-worth to getting into the brand?

I currently use the Astrox 88S Pro (4U) & sometimes my Astrox 99 (3U). At the moment savoring the feeling of the Astrox 99, enjoying that I got in 3U.