voltrics that are still used today

Voltrics that are still used today



I use a Voltric LD Force (4U) as my 2nd preferred racket. Found that its one of the easier rackets for me to use, head heavy with a not so stiff shaft (I think it’s rated stiff vs extra stiff) and standard size head. It was my first new racket I bought in 2019 since coming back to badminton from the late 90s/early 2000s. I tried the ZF-II but couldn’t handle it well.

Always wondered why it wasn’t recommended on the forums to people who were looking for head heavy with not too stiff shafts (vs the astrox 77 & 88 lines).

Used to be able to get the old and “new” colorway at a good price, and always available, but after LD retired the price shot up by around 25% for the red and even up to 40% more for the old olympic colorway (at the online stores I would get my rackets from). I think it may have been discontinued as it’s become harder to find a LDF racket. Yonex only lists 2 Voltric models on its site.

Still see a few ZF-II available at some online sellers.