Victor Thruster Ryuga II vs Li-Ning AxForce 90 Dragon

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Tried both in 4U version. Dragon is more suited for a rear court player. Ryuga2 really disappoints me on smashing power but it is super easy to play with since it’s felt lighter than Dragon, Ryuga 2 is more all round and is geared more to mid-front court players.4U wise, if you only cared about smashing then go for Dragon. But anything else I would go for Ryuga 2.

Fast pace drives : Ryuga 2 > Dragon
Defence: Ryuga 2 > Dragon
Control (Direction and power) : Ryuga 2 = Dragon
Easy to play with : Ryuga 2 > Dragon (dragon racket head is smaller)
Clears (Backhand-forehand) : Ryuga 2 > Dragon
Net shots: Dragon > Ryuga 2
Smash: Dragon > Ryuga 2