Victor 72/76/80 holes stringing pattern


to me, these are the differences the Victor 72 holes pattern bring to the table when compared to Yonex:

– slightly progress tension on the cross. 2 lbs high in the middle crosses attempts to correct racket tension deviation from the main tension. while keeping the same tension at the ends to reduce stress and lower effective tension.

– one piece vs 2 piece. i believe the Victor pattern is rooted on the Gosen school so they prefer 1 piece

– center string first. leaning towards getting the center strings done first (default on main, slightly so on the cross) to add tension symmetry.

i have tried the 80 holes pattern on my MX80 and the result is favorable. a more responsive and powerful string bed compared to the plain pattern. however, i only done this once and more longer term experiment as well as A/B comparison will give a more definite answer.