VBA Badminton Training in Selangor Area (Klang/Kota Kemuning/USJ/Subang)


If you are interested on Badminton training, you may find me for any free trial classes (age 6-18) or personal training (1-on-1) for any ages. It was my interest to teach/coach my own students to learn some new skills and most importantly the basics. But anyway, V Badminton Academy not only me who coach the students, there are 1 Person-in-Charge Coach and 2 Assistant Coach. Just contact me or comment here if you do have any enquiries. Cheers!

VBA Mission & Vision
: 1. Build a strong line up of Badminton.
2. Train students to have a correct concepts, ideas and attitudes.
3. To develop a healthy competition in Badminton culture.


VBA P.I.C (Person-In-Charge)

Mr. Alfred Tan
Contact Number: +6016 610 7035
Email: meteored8@gmail.com

– Coaching Experience:8 Years

– Current Coaching Places
i. Eng Ann, Klang (3 Group Classes)

: Every Saturday: 1-3pm, 3-5pm / Every Sunday: 1-3pm
ii. Sri Acmar International School (1 School Class)
: Every Saturday: 10-12pm
iii. USJ, Kota Kemuning and Botanic Area (1-on-1 Personal Class)

iv. Kota Kemuning (2 Group Classes on Weekdays) – *NEW Classes in 2018
: Every Monday: 7-9pm / Every Friday 5-7 or 7-9pm
v. Kapar (2 Group Classes) – *NEW Classes in 2018

: Every Saturday: 10-12pm / 3-5pm
– Personal Achievements
i. Apr 2017 – Perth 2017 LiveLighter Open Badminton 1st Runner-Up in Men Singles Grade A and 1st Runner-Up in Men Doubles
ii. Apr 2016 – Sevenss Badminton Team Competition 2016 1st Runner-Up
iii. Mar 2015 – Perth 2015 Be Active State Championships 1st Runner-Up in Men Singles Grade A and 1st Runner-Up in Men Doubles
iv. Oct 2014 – Modesliga Badminton League 2014 (Subang Zone) 2nd Runner-Up
v. Mar 2014 – AUP Sports Fiesta 2014 Champion
vi. Feb 2014 – Perth’s Kingsway Badminton Open Grade B Champion in Men Singles and 1st Runner Up in Men Doubles
vii. Oct 2013 – FOSTEM Badminton Team 2013 Champion
viii. Jan 2013 – Champion of Men Single and Men Doubles in INTI Closed Badminton Tournament
ix. Sep 2011 – FOEIT Badminton Team First Runner Up and Best Player Award


Alfred Tan – 016 610 7035