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TOTAL BWF World Championships 2015 | Badminton Day 7 F M3-MS | Chen vs Lee — 54 Comments

  1. when lcw start to become top form he cant match top form of LD,when LD slow down,he meet CL at his BEST.

  2. dont matter if he lost. lee chong wei has made badminton entertaining the last 10 years along with lin dan. when them two retire, its gonna be boring.

  3. the translator gets almost all translations wrong , Chinese <==>English, Can organizing commit have anyone better?

  4. lee chong wei needs to attack if not he will not win, thats why cheng long beats him most of the time

  5. Woah, that translator totally sucks he couldn’t translate what the English speaker to Chen Long, and he couldn’t correctly translate from Chinese to English either.

  6. @pang jui He can match LD in 2011 WC and 2012 OG though, 1 thing he can’t match from LD in that match was mentality.

  7. if both lin dan and lee play at their top form lin will win that’s why he’s considered the best of all time.

  8. Just saying.

    Lee was under 298 WEEKS ranked as #1 in the world. True, no gold medal in WC, but still one of the greatest of all time.

  9. I can’t stand this translator. What was he talking about!!!
    But anyway, they all made great achievement. I quite like Lee ,a man who acquired professional skills and the king without crown.

  10. the male commentator Is always saving lee chong wei needs to improve on this on that, just shut it or say something nice

  11. +Chi-Kan Wan Je ne pense pas que le badminton devienne ennuyant, c’est tellement un beau sport et il y a encore beaucoup d’excellents joueurs!!

  12. Worst translator ever. Is it just me or is he translating BS at every major game?

  13. Chou Tien Chen, Angus Ng, Axelsen, Srikanth, Tian Houwei, Christie Jonatan, Anthony ginting and Xue Song etc have excellent potential. It’s not gonna be boring even with LCW and LD retiring

  14. Furthermore suffering from stuttering could still become a key translator. smh

  15. +patrick fox unlike her it wasn’t PED, just some contaminated capsules and it wasn’t 10+ years thing like in her case. It was his mistake, don’t get me wrong, but context is very important in this case.

  16. this is when Chen Long is at his best. he practically returned back everything LCW threw at him.

  17. hahahaha,,
    ketika menterjemahkan inggris ke indonesia juga salah salahtu,,
    coba lihat ketika ahsan hendra menang,,

  18. Agree, it’s no surprise he was a nightmare for LCW to play against. He presented a very different style compared to LD. Yes, CL was not as fast as LD or LCW. However, that big 6 foot 2 frame helped CL immune to LCW’s smashes. He could also pick you off if you play too passive.

  19. @N D not talking about saina nehwal but leee was champion…no mattter wheather he won major title or not his struggle determine his will for badminton…he still won olympic medal even after suspension… But u cant see it bcoz u r not even fan of badminton

  20. @N D kid i am 18 and i know only win doesn’t matters the spirit and struggle determine one’s ability

  21. Kento momota is amazing to stand at podium together with Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long

  22. anyeonghuu I just explained it, dummy. Can’t you read ? Tennis and badminton are both racket sports and have individual competition such as men singles. It’s more appropriate to compare rather than a team sport like football. A 10 year old can understand this logic.

  23. @Jia Wan Pao you can’t compare player with different sport. tennis require extreme level of fitness and more power than badminton. badminton in the other hand require agility and quick reflexes more than tennis. tennis court is much more bigger than badminton’s and the net is lower. they even use deferent type of racquet. shuttlecock travel faster than a tennis ball. the sport is completely different. LCW and Lin Dan both are good in their own way.

  24. anyeonghuu dude, read again. You are clearly blind. When have I compare player of a different sport. Of course, is a difference in the sport. Read your original post. You ask me why it is more comparable with tennis rather than football. I just told you why. Of course, there are differences between tennis an badminton. I never said they were exactly the same. I only said it is comparable in a sense because it has Individual competition event like men’s singles which you never refuted. I’m gonna take it as admission that my point stands.

  25. @Jia Wan Pao lolololol you’re the one who’s blind

    “you ask me why it is more comparable with tennis rather than football”

    *when did i ask this* ?

    im saying you can’t compare player who play different sport.
    you get the point now ?

    when did i said it was comparable with football? i didn’t even mention football 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ you’re blind ?

  26. anyeonghuu hey stupid ! “Why we can’t compare badminton with football while you can compare with tennis lol”

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