Top 6 Best Badminton Rackets in 2020

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There are many types of badminton racket available in market based on your game style you can choose your best badminton racket.

Top racket available in market

Yonex Astrox 88D

Attacking racket

Yonex Voltric Z- Force II
Yonex Nanoray Z Speed
Li-Ning Woods N90-II
Yonex Voltirc 80 E- Tune
Yonex Duora Z Strike

Defensive racket

Yonex Arcsaber FB
Yonex Nanoray 900
Yonex arcsaber 11
Apacs Feather Weight 55

If you want to know why these badminton racket are rated the top and what they can do for your playing experience, then read on. I will list the quality of each racket.

Pro Tip:-Expensive racquets can hold high tension like 30lbs so you have to take care of your racquets as it can easily break you racquets head if any of of the string break and you leave it without cutting those strings.

I will be listing best badminton racket under two category