1. Classic! Thank you posting it :-). I am not sure if last one was deserved… I think Carolina convinced an umpire that Sayaka have been trying to influence the line judge…

  2. #5 is yellow card given by the Umpire to Sayaka Takahashi for no reason, was it because sayaka takahashi thought that it was her point? come on.

  3. In that case, that’s bullshit. The spoiled little brat basically talking an umpire into giving someone else a card? That shuttle looked way out, btw. I’m gonna celebrate the day Marin hangs up her racket and gives our ears (and eyes) a rest when watching professional badminton.

  4. 1. He try to delay, tie the lace, clean the sweat… but take off the shoes? seriously?
    2. She doesn’t return the shuttlecock right after.
    3. I heard my friend said that they (the players) complain about the shuttlecock’s quality.
    4. Wang Si xian ask for new shuttlecock but the opponent didn’t want to. Then Wang Si Xian got a red card? I don’t understand.
    5. She shouted and affected the line judge, I think so.

  5. she’s a good player, but you’re right.. she’s irritating in terms of her shouting and her behaviour.. she deserves many more red cards than she actually has.. even black cards! and this one with Sayaka, Marin deserved the card more than Sayaka

  6. Interesting. I wasn’t aware Badminton had a card system.
    The last one was not a correct decision though. She didn’t show dissent and she was actually in the right.

  7. +Nabil Aiman i think 5# there is people shout out so judge tought the people help the player

  8. Very interesting as I had no idea badminton needed any sort of yellow and red carding. It would have helped me if there had been some explanations.

  9. Yellow :warning
    Red : penalty. First card gives one point to opponent.
    2 red cards : disqualification

  10. A black card has happened but very very rarely. Whoever gets the black is the automatic loser

  11. Some umpires really think they are “God” but they aren’t ! Such umpires should be removed from tournaments forever !

  12. Yes, you don’t see it often because we play to the spirit of the game and most umpires are fairly reasonable. Quite clearly there should be a neutral match referee to oversea if the umpire is acting within the spirit of the game as well.

  13. Hello!can i ask what does the red card mean? Im just a newbie in badminton and i only know some rules.

  14. One point is deducted from the red card receiver n simultaneously loses his/her turn to serve

  15. If I played badminton in ranked games I’d surely get a red card. For throwing my racket at the referees face. It’d be worth it.
    That he could call misconduct.

  16. Before today I didn’t know you could get a red card in badminton. Also I didn’t know that getting a red card doesn’t end the game. Thanks YouTube algorithm

  17. feels like a lot of people in this comment section dont know that delaying and obstructing judges decision is considered a foul in Badminton and even in other sports

  18. Its crazy to see the conduct of ISKANDAR… he delayed the “final point ” so hard , that it’s totally deserved !

  19. @HC Febrian
    i know why they get the cards.
    but to me its just unnecessary.
    they are all at the top of badminton. they arent out of breath much. (which would be the only reason to give them a card).

    and even if they were, the opponent would have the same chance of resting.

    its not like football, where you play with a time limit.

  20. @SKADZ nah, if you delay the games, other player momentum got disturb and rest too long also can increase mistake or strategy will not working properly for the player, eg: player want to do smash to gain a pts while the opponent still tired, but now he cant bcus.. other gain energy back

  21. @Nani A
    since i play badminton myself, my opinion is, that even IF there are downside for the opponent, they are too minor to mention.

    like i said, they are pros. they could play 3 events if they wanted. no endurance issues what so ever.
    and because they are pros, they can play any shot at any time. no matter if its 5 or 60 seconds between them.

  22. To me, none of the above situations are seriously misconduct. That’s too much power for the judge to end the game. They seems judging emotionally, should assign more judges to vote when giving a red to end the game.

  23. i played in a tournament once and my opponent referred to her coach throughout the entire match, almost every other shot. Was so distracting and I thought unfair practice. Still bothers me to this day

  24. umpires calling players out must’ve given same anxiety when teachers call out your name in class

  25. @daximilian you dont get a card if you potentially did that. They will just warn you first..all the japanese player did was smile n looked at the line judge

  26. 4. Wang Sixian is delaying the match by bitting her thumbnail, i think it her natural habit if she was nervous

  27. it could be that she refused to go on a dinner date with the referee last night, so misconduct card for her

  28. In Indian Premier League (Cricket) a team got fined for 11 lakhs(14,450 $) for delaying the game

  29. Dont forget there are black card thas mean he cannot play forever if red card cannot play for 5 year i think if the player smash to the referee he got black card correct me if im wrong

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