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Top 25 Badminton Trickshots – 2017 Edition — 36 Comments

  1. Some of the trick shots are from 2016. They were not included in our 2016 Trickshot video. thats why they are included here. 🙏🏻 Sorry and Thank You.

  2. Even before the Start of the video, i had guessed that 50% of video will be GOH V SHEM.
    Indeed it is.

  3. The lack of Kevin Sukamoljo hurts 💔
    He did so many trick shots and show off so often, should have more

  4. I think you’ve missed out two trick shots.
    1. Kevin Sanjaya Sukalmojo’s jumping backhand smash (is it considered as a trick shot) during the Malaysian Open 2017.
    2. Goh V Shem’s behind the back shot two times in a rally when facing Japan during Dubai SSF

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  6. ( Important to notice — )
    Almost all of them losed a point after playing the trick shot

  7. but of course they would, you mostly do it because you are in a pressured position

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