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Top 10 Badminton Rallies at the Olympic Games! | Top Moments — 43 Comments

  1. I love badminton but literally nobody plays it in the US. I wish any colleges or summ had it

  2. Badminton such a beautiful game. I just wish that we players and fans of the sport get more recognition of what a brilliant sport this is.

  3. Kido and Hendra defense are out of this world…!!!
    That’s so fast and accourate…!!!

  4. That was so many brilliant rallies between Maria Kristin Yulianti against her opponents during 2008 Beijing OG!

  5. @Holo Bolo your line of thinking is reversed. First we need enthusiasm for badminton, then talented player will be born. It won’t work the other way.

  6. I get that but even if you have the enthusiasm for the game, you must be at a level where they can consider you.

  7. Talented players can appear without any enthusiasm. And enthusiastic players are not always talented . But if you can find both than it will be great

  8. @Holo Bolo I mean it’s rare to find talented player in a country, plus now that country doesn’t have enthusiasm for badminton. That would make it much more harder to find one.

  9. 2012 Men’s Final: Dream final, dream comeback and dream victory and of course- another broken dream…….

  10. @That Sports Guy I suppose u referred to the one who commented sportz loki….and thts what I mean by they

  11. She is a World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist also World tour finals champion so she does have a right to be there

  12. Best Part 1 : 53 Susi Susanti vs Bang Soo Hyun , Please upload when Susi Susanti got Bronze Medal olympic 1996

  13. sportz loki it’s actually in top 10 popular just not popular in America

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