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To properly play a game like , you’ve got to start with good equipment

The cheapest will always be the carbon composites, then the aluminum, then the titanium. The titanium is the most expensive racket usually due to the extreme light weight. Typically, the most common badminton racket designs that are purchased today are either carbon composite or aluminum. In the past it would have been wood, but the wooden badminton rackets have been proven to be short lived, especially when that is used by young children or other youth.

The game of badminton has been one that has evolved through the course of time from its British roots to the game that it is today. There are some tournaments that require specific badminton racket designs and these are usually going to cost a pretty penny. Most of these designs use carbon or carbon composite based fibers that are created for the strings. These have a good tensile strength and have been proven to survive the abuse that can occur with a badminton racket during a game.

Most people buy one with the intent of just having fun at home or perhaps with a group of friends who set up a league. This type of badminton racket is usually wooden or a carbon based design that is durable and cheap. Many of these types will come in a set complete with other badminton equipment.

Many times these types of packages are meant for parties or get-togethers where the intent is to have fun and not in keeping score. There are the rare few situations where the competitive spirit prevails, but these packages of badminton rackets, birdies and nets are great for the novice.

Badminton is considered a sport that few play, yet those that do consider it to be one that relies on skill and balance. The true players know how to use their abilities to shine in times where it matters most. The less experienced players usually rely on power and succumb to the skills of the other players. This is where a good badminton racket can help a learning player develop the skills that are needed to make the game more challenging and also to help them rely more on skill rather than power.

As a rare sport, badminton has been one that is like croquet, it is one that is rarely played, but one that is highly enjoyed by those that take the time to properly learn how to play it.

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