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The Biggest Mistakes Amateurs Make In Badminton — 34 Comments

  1. How good are our subscribers?! 🔥🏸 Hopefully the tips we shared in this video will not only help them to improve, but also lots of you out there! Thanks to everyone who sent us in some footage 😊
    If you enjoyed this video and want us to do more of these in the future, let us know below ⬇️

  2. Hello, i have a video recommendation for this channel about our legs.

    Like the strength and agility and whats the difference between agile leg and strong leg, range of motion, do we need to have strong leg, etc

    Because i think you guys have the best badminton explanation on youtube

    Thanks🏸👍🏼 (really helpful vid btw)

  3. This was a very good video👍🏻you guys should do a review on the legends in MS (LCW, Lin Dan, Taufik & Peter)

  4. What an amazing video full of so many ‘insights’ 😜 I’m sure lots of people (including me!!) want to see more of these videos in the future! Who agrees?

  5. More snappy, entertaining editing and I don’t think you could find two more enthusiastic and motivating presenters anywhere on YouTube if you tried. Really interesting précis and hats tipped to all who submitted their videos for the G&J review. This type of analysis is great when you link it to BI’s ever growing library of instructional content. If you’re not subscribed to ‘Badminton Insight’ you’re missing out on a dynamic and hugely enjoyable resource.👍🏸🏸🏸

  6. Great videos from both of you. It is exactly what I need to improve. I really appriciate this. Hope this series can countinue. Love

  7. Great video guys 👍It looks effortless to do, but I can only imagine the hours of video editing you guys went through. Thank you for another insightful video on different techniques and strategies to use in a game🏸🏸🏸

  8. This is awesome! So many insights. Will definitely keep these in mind. You guys are really making difference in our approach and understanding to our game! Thank you.

  9. I found this very entertaining. I am mindblown how specific your tips were, especially for Bennet and his posture.

    Also, awesome transitions between scenes! Very smooth.

  10. Hey Greg and Jenny. It’s such a great idea to watch real life videos that we can relate to. I certainly found it really helpful. Love the channel and keep up the great work. You’re probably the best badminton video channel 😊🏸🏸🥇

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed this video and found it quite informative. Watching other amatuer player’s mistakes is a great way to learn organically, as these errors really are common throughout all amatuers.
    Your video editing, and camera presence has also been getting better every time, well done. My favourite parts are always any dramatic tantrum after demonstating an error (slap in the forehead, throwing a racket etc haha).
    Also, I’m from Australia and my name is Steyn, pronounced Steen. Hearing “Stijn” was trippy, very rarely do I ever hear my name in other contexts 🙂
    Thanks for the video!

  12. @Tanya Punyo because what the pros see in other pros’ playstyle is something every amateur would fail to see and incorporate in their game.

  13. I play tennis, squash, table tennis near top end club level and beginning to learn badminton for the first time. I have seen multiple coaching channels across various sports. I would rate this channel to be one of the best – engaging, informative, power packed with great tips and the presenters are so comfortable and super cool. Bravo guys. Keep these coming 👏👏🙏🏻

  14. Yeah it’s really rare and almost completely unknown, for such enthusiastic people to be so intelligent. I’ve never seen anything like it before

  15. Very valuable tips, i wish we had such coaches in our „leisure club“ here😄 Next thing for us amateurs: simply practise more, dont insist on playing matches all the time🙈

  16. That was great, really learned a lot, i will save this one for later !
    It especially helps to make the connection between the amazing tips from other videos and the reality, hope we can see more of these in the future 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for making an amazing video regarding small mistakes in badminton. I struggled with a few of these, and I found this very helpful, and now I am practicing the correct techniques. Thank you once again

  18. I have a couple of clips that I need help with and I’ve seen plenty of players making the same mistake. I can send you the clips if you think it will help with your videos

  19. Very Informative! I really learned a lot on every video you published. Thank you Jen and Greg! 🙂

  20. I definitely want to see more of these insights! They will pretty much help every player with their weaknesses! Thank you Jenny and Greg for an awesome video once again!

  21. Excellent video Greg & Jenny, and a detailed explanation about the errors that some of us are making.
    More videos like this are very much helpful for us to improve our game😊🏸👍

  22. Another awesome video! The scenario videos from different players posted are very helpful. I love the detailed demo where you guys pointed out the execution mistake and how it can be improved. On a side note, the “tiktok” transition looks cool! 🏸

  23. Hey guys another great video, would love to see more of this content from you. On the topic of mistakes I wanted to ask a question regarding a couple of shots.
    As someone whose never had any coaching snd just picked up tips from various club players, I’ve heard contradictory information on smashed and clears when playing doubles.
    A few people say lift to the middle and depending where you are on court, smash to the middle as you’re less likely to hit the shuttle out. Others say aim for the rear corners on lifts and aim for sidelines on smashes as they are better quality shots.
    Wanted to ask which is correct, or if it depends mostly on the individual situation. TIA for any response

  24. Excellent insight, broken down for us in digestible ways as always. 👍 Would certainly agree that this will be a popular type of video to come back to occasionally. Picking up a variety of issues at a variety of levels is another enticing aspect to this!

  25. I am also a subscriber but you did not asked me for my game 😅

    I have shooted couple of clips but no one is there to analyse them😢

    if you will make such video next time please let me know