Shuttlecock Guide?

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Hey BCers – especially [MENTION=1]kwun[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7]Cheung[/MENTION]

I’m proposing we make a shuttlecock guide. The guide should detail:
– Name of shuttle (I.E Yonex AS 30)
– Country reviewed
– Source of purchase listed
– Pictures of new shuttles (preferrably two or three shuttles) showing feather quality and consistency
– Flight quality (speed and trajectory [rating out of 10])
– Durability (measured with games played/level of use/doubles or singles [rating out of 10])
– Cork quality, including cover and tape (picture of whole cork and dissected cork [rating out of 10])
– Overall shuttle quality (Rating out of 10)
– Value based on the above factors (Rating out of 10)

The thread should be a pure guide dedicated to shuttles, without comments. Each shuttle should have its own post. The opening post should have an index of reviewed shuttles for quick reference. I suspect people on BC would be able to provide reviews very promptly, and I feel like a thread with this information in would be very useful.

I understand there’d be a great deal of subjectivity involved in this, but posts could always be ammended or appended as per necessary at a later date – say a shuttle changes cork quality.

I’m sure we’ve all had it where we’ve been tempted to try a new type of shuttle, but haven’t been sure about the quality. Who better to review shuttles than BCers?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Reviewed shuttles:
Adidas G PRO by Kwun
Ashaway-450-shuttlecocks by HaruHaruQ
Ashaway 500 International by Charlie-SWUK
Li Ning A60 by Charlie SWUK
Li Ning A300 by Charlie SWUK
Yehlex Championship by Charlie-SWUK

Please contact me or post if you have a review you’d like to add. They’re organized by brand.