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SF | XD | ELLIS/SMITH (ENG) vs. JORDAN/OKTAVIANTI (INA) [5] | BWF 2020 — 52 Comments

  1. Jordan kalau konsinten dan gak eror2an,dia bakalan menjadi lawan yg menakutkan buat pasangan tiongkok.

  2. I’m English and I’m glad Indonesia won after Ellis and Smith had their nasty little fit against the umpire. No class.

    The commentary here from Gillian Clark and Steen Pedersen is absolutely top notch. They have to be among the best commentators in all of sport.

  3. 3:58 The moment where guest got more applause than the host. Thanks for the hillarious Indonesian supporters  😂

  4. Biasanya yang pegang serve akan nunggu yg terima serve siap dulu… baru mulai serve… lah england sebenarnya yg delay malah jordan yg dapat kartu kuning wkwk

  5. -English pair complained about delayed serve or Jordan.
    -Umpire your delaying the game I want you to speed up.
    -Smith receiving the serve and Jordan served immediately
    -Umpire gave Yellow card to Jordan.

    I’m glad Indonesian won the game!

  6. Smith is pretty for badminton player. Lol…I never doubt they can achieve more in the future replacing adcocks.

  7. Indonesian BL are awesome…Birmingham serasa Istora 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍😁

  8. Thank you. As Indonesian i really enjoy Ellis and Smith game, wish they will come back stronger and would win another tournaments.

  9. Jngan prnah mnyerang melati,klo gk ingin jordan ngamuk dengan smaes nya yg ganas

  10. I’m not English nor Indonesian but initially I was rooting for the English team since they are the underdogs here. Didn’t take long before they show their true colors — kinda like spoiled brats bullying the umpire. First time I’ve seen them so this image will last forever. So glad the Indonesians won. Praveen stayed very professional till the end — such composure amid the tensions.

  11. That england woman (SMITH), she better play in reality show than play badminton, So dirty play !!

  12. Jordan : gw yang salah Tapi lu serang MelatiKu
    Melati : Menatap Jordan Kalem dengan insyarat menenangkan.
    Jordan 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈: BooM BuaRR….Rata KaLian

  13. @hellostephanie tactic to disturb the opponents game..its too visible this low strategy.Morgensen had the same antics..

  14. @Ramon Meijer ah id have to re-watch those matches…i didn’t think the Danish were taking to that tactic either.

  15. rather apparent the disparity in playing standards. A recreational leisure level pitting their luck to precision one punch mixed doubles.hold a rally first before showing up AE.

  16. Sampe bingung, ini yg lgi ditonton tuh Indonesia Open apa All England? 🤣

  17. The English pair kept making the server wait. Ellis keeps his hand up and his eyes on the floor. Smith keeps springing up out of her stance. No wonder the Indonesian pair held their serves.
    Jordan was just waiting for them to get settled in before he served. Oktavianti was also kept waiting, but she waits with her shuttle hand up, hence no warning.

  18. Poor umpiring. English pair behaving like little kids. No sportsmanship. They only care about winning at all cost. Smith good for nothing. Can’t even play well. Make the most noise.

  19. i was rooting for the indonesians but i did acknowledge the great play of the british folks.
    Unfortunately the latter had to spoil the mood with challenging the empire; which is not correct at all.
    And i agree with the commentators that jordan was just waiting for his opponent to be ready first… Right before the empire called him for warning, it was smith who was delaying to get ready. jordan was just there waiting for her to be ready but she kept stopping the game.

  20. English Pair should’ve got a red card. They intentionally delayed their stance to get ready when Jordan was obviously waiting for them to do so. I agree with the umpire saying the game should’ve been sped up more, but the card should’ve been given to Smith. It’s pretty classless and disrespectful when Jordan is giving you the time to get ready but Smith is intentionally wasting way too much time getting ready.

    No opponent like that deserves respect after that fiasco.

  21. Gila ya placing bola2 ajaib dari pramel keren bgt. Langsung mati kutu tuh ellis smith

  22. Indonesian stronger players and english players made too many mistakes even easy shots

  23. Set 2 bikin gemes dan jantungan. Kami suporter Indonesia terus teriak di Arena Birmingham untuk dukung kalian. Heboh bgt suporter masing2 negara. Sampe sekarang masih ingat bgt serunya semi final kala itu.😁👍👍

  24. bener bngt….n sbnrny lbh baik…jordan dngn pklan tipuan drop shotny…n smshny..m.mlti yg ddpnny mkn bgus n defendnya jg mkn bgus….sdkt kcln bdn akn tmbh linch….n jd psngn maut….selama g kumat( alias g eror mulu)

  25. Asrul Lantong Disini bukan tempat rasis. Wajar Indonesia lambat majunya. Masih banyak orang kayak kau in.

  26. Lauren Smith is probably one of the most beautiful woman shuttlers right now, clear eyes & face like a doll.
    But man, her attitude in this match.. 😆

  27. Jordan perlu contohi legenda Christian Hdnata, membunuh dgn dingin, sehingga berkurang unforce error, membuat sicantik Mely pede improvisasi didepan. You will be the next mix double legend.

  28. Hampir saja terulang lagi , kejadian semifinal All England 2019. Sudah unggul 20-17 di set kedua saat lawan Monster, tapi ditikung, dan pas set ketiga malah kalah.

  29. Hajar mereka Jordan…Melati mainkan gerilya nettingmu…harus lebih melawan Melatih. Lihat seniormu Liliana Natsir 👍

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