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SF | MD | GOH/TAN (MAS) [7] vs AHSAN/SETIAWAN (INA) [2] | BWF 2019 — 27 Comments

  1. 33:31 “Brilliant like Stephen Segall” hahahaha I laughed so fucking hard that came out of nowhere

  2. Ahsan and Setiawan still the best representative of Indonesia. So classy, respectful, skillful and patient. Best. Regards from Malaysia here.

  3. Nice match displayed by all players.
    There is always a problem with recording the badminton match by BWF and I believe after many years of experience still they can not show the perfect match recording.
    The problems are as follows:
    1-They miss a lot of nice moment to show in slow motion.
    2- Not enough information about the game, for example, speed of smashes, how many shots per rally, how many smashes per rally, the number of shuttles used, how many smash point, how many net point and etc.
    3- Change the camera angle from a different view. The main camera is always set behind the court and can be changed to the left or the right corner to have a better 3D view.
    Also with a little bit of creativity can record a much better badminton match.

  4. player bdmnton yg pling aq suka lcw dgn ahsan/hendra jaa low profile xsombong…tu cuma pndapat aq jla😗

  5. I’m from Vietnam, i love Malaysia and Indonesia.. We are in Asean.. Disd like Chinese

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