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Serve: Doubles Rules | Badminton — 26 Comments

  1. The position of the service shuttle is not below the waist but just below the the last rib

  2. This is not correct, the BWF states that all backhand serves to be done at WAIST HEIGHT otherwise it is a foul serve.

  3. In this game any player of one group can do service or it is important that who gets the first shuttlecock then he will only do servfirstplease answer…

  4. I have a question that if my bat was half cross over the net it was a fault or not?

  5. @Naresh P.V Well no point arguing, BWF’s new 1.15m height backhand service rule is mandatory.

  6. Plz tell me that now backhand service rule is 115 cm. Or under the waist? Thank u

  7. Thanks this video is very useful for me

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