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Saina Nehwal Wins Badminton Women’s Singles Bronze – IND v CHN | London 2012 Olympics — 64 Comments

  1. u do realize that she wasn’t winning in the match and she still got the medal..

  2. disgusting to listen to the noise of bharat mata ki jai…when someone is suffering from pain….but till the injury of xin the great game played between both the players

  3. Felt sorry for Saina even more than Wang, since really no player would want a medal without a proper match that he/she could not say to have earned.

  4. Saina deserve that medal but we should learn from that Chines player’s fighting spirit. When a game is on for your country/life we have to give it all. Hard work ,discipline , professional and commitment. No sympathies & sentiments..just go for the win.

  5. In December 6, 2012, China badminton player Wang Xin through micro-blog announced her retirement. In the last year, the London Olympics badminton women’s singles bronze medal battle, Wang Xin due to slippery floors of an accidental fall, the final result of injury can not adhere to the game. After she was diagnosed with left anterior cruciate ligament rupture were six months of rehabilitation. In April this year, Wang Xin start training, and at the September games in Liaoning to help the people’s Liberation Army women’s team for the first time won the women’s team gold medal. After that, she also participated in the Changzhou masters and the Danish open and other games, but the record is not satisfactory, coupled with the impact of injury and age of growth, so Wang Xin finally choose to retire

  6. So Sad , That chines girl got 1st Set, But in she got Injury. Good try by the Chines Girl . Good Play both of you

  7. Felt really sad for Wang…..she had such bad injury then also she played really well….ligament injury is worst than even a fracture or back pain…….HATS OFF!!!!!! To wang…….She played beautifully even with injury in her leg which is the most important part in badminton for flexibility……Well played Saina…

  8. Some disgusting people cheering on Wang’s injury. What they want to show to world about Indian people ? what type of Indian r ? Saina wasn’t happy on Wang’ injury because she have good game spirit so these people must learn from Saina. I love Saina because she doing well for our country but we shame on those people who want to show wrong Indian game spirit to world.

  9. Though I am a fan of Saina n respect her, I just got to say… At that point of time, I guess no one other Wang deserved that medal… A fighter with determination! Sadly luck wasn’t on her side…

  10. saina Fought very hard…after watching just I can say….Never lose hope..keep fighting…we proud of you Saina…..China Played well….she played smartly.

  11. was it Wang Xin’s fault for what happened back in 1975? did she choose to do all that? I do not think that should affect the spirit of Indians for the match. issues between countries doesn’t mean you put down the player from that country.

  12. Veerja Patel jis din china indians par attack karega and apka koi khoyega den apse puchage spirit game ki . Ms non bhartiya

  13. Kaash tum log ye baat tabb bhi yad rakho jabb kashmirion per tumhari foj zulm kary or tum akhand bharat ka shor karo.stop genocide in kashmir

  14. Sairam Sunkam England wasn’t winning the Cricket World Cup, but they won it. The world is a strange place

  15. Fake injury by China Communist Party, not by Wang. If you have any doubt, consider China Virus deception.

  16. @Abhay Kochhar it’s unpleasant to hear we know they’re not disrespecting the opponent

  17. I’m Indian but I still feel really sad for Wang but I guess it happens😐 I wish she hadn’t injured herself and the game could continue. Was hoping for Saina Nehwal to win 2-1

  18. @Naresh Kumar Gola bro stop shitting on the streets in India, it’s disgusting 🤮🤮

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