[Review] Victor Jetspeed S12 ii

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I got my hands on Victor Jetspeed S12 ii for 1 month now. Don’t really a lot of people using them so I took a shot and buy it 2nd hand and here’s my thoughts on it.

My main rackets are Jnice Black Panther 4U (Exbolt63 27lbs)
Spare Racket: Fleet Woven Pro 9900 (Exbolt63 27lbs)

String: Lining No.1 strung at 27.5 lbs
Balance Point: 295mm (measured on Victor balance point machine thing..)
Weight: 92.5 grams (with string and overgrip+cushion)
Shaft stiffness: Medium-stiff (Similar to same stiffness as my Jnice)

Initial thoughts
Paint and design: Looks normal and nothing noteworthy on designs, the paint chipped easily even though I didn’t crash to any racket and on store it in the bag. The cap’s paint chipped over time (which happens a lot in earlier model of free-core cap). Similar aerodynamic frame as BS12.

Swing: Super aerodynamic, easy to swing fast and feels like mid balanced racket. The shaft stiffness feels more flexible when you swing than bending with your hands.

Smashing Power: 7/10
I would say the smash is “fast” but not “heavy”, as the name suggest it’s design for “speed”. Due to the aerodynamic frame and mid balanced point you can swing super fast, though the smash is not as powerful as the Thruster series, the smash is enough to put pressure on your opponent and can easily go for net kills.

Control 6/10
I’m struggling with the net shots with this racket. Maybe due to less vibration and feedback from the free-core, it’s kinda hard for me to feel the “touch” required to make a sharp net shot. Drop shots are decent but still suffers from the same problem with the less feedback (I might need to take out the cushionvto feel more vibration).

Drives 9.5/10
Fast drives with this racket is super fun, no joke. This racket is better than NF700 and NF800 in drives situations. The repulsion speed this racket gives is nice. With the aerodynamic frame, you can easily and swiftly lift your racket after the shot super fast to get ready for the next shot. The racket rebound fast as well, so it doesn’t feel too “whippy”

Defense 9.5/10
Defenses is easy with this racket. Since the racket is very easy to move around. I found myself using the drive-counter with this racket more easily compared to my BP. Crosscourt counter is easy too.

Ease of play: 10/10
Clears (Backhand and forehand) are effortless. This racket doesn’t tire your shoulder at all even with long rallies and a lot of smashes. Free-core helps with vibration dampening so the feedback from mishits doesn’t cause elbow pain but the vibration is enough for you to feel yours smashes and clears.

All in all, this racket is made for front-court players, players who preferred drives rally, or defensive-minded players. The racket is beginner-friendly but if you come from a head-heavy, box frame racket. It will take time to adjust the timing. Don’t expect heavy smashes from this racket. For players that preferred smashes, I would suggest going for the Thruster series instead.

If there’re any questions feel free to ask. I apologize for my bad grammar and English.