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[Review] Lining Halbertec 8000 4U

review lining halbertec 8000 4u

One of the most, if not the most expensive racket in the market at the moment by Lining.

The racket is beautiful and expected of Lining design and paint work. Top tier.

Halbertec 8000 4U AYPT015-1s
Balance : 298 mm.
Shaft : Medim stiff 6.8 mm.
Weight : 4U
Grip size : G5
Tension : 30 Lbs.
String with VBS 66 Nano 27lbs

Halbertec 8000 is advertised as “balanced” racket. Control type racket that excels in trajectory control and shuttle control. Not a powerful racket.

Holding the racket felt good, the weight distribution is good and very very slightly head heavy. Frame weight distribution are around 3 and 9 o’clock region.

Shaft felt medium-stiff, more toward the stiffer side. Stiffness is similar to Hypersonic imo.

Very good, I do get good repulsion from the frame and shaft. The head is not as fast as BS12 or HS but it’s fast enough to react to any fast drive. Since it’s not that head-heavy, I can get behind the shuttle easily. Drives are not as good as 100X or HS but doesn’t lose by much.

Effortless, I don’t really need to put a lot of power into my swing to take the shuttle from rear-court to another.
The shaft really does help generate power. I find myself adjusting power output easily and the shuttle doesn’t go over the line much and the shuttle goes where I wanted it to go. Off-centered or overhead clears are easy, not thing much to say. Same as drives, not as easy as “speed” type racket but I barely feel any difference.

Drop shots/slice/reverse slice
Yup, Best racket for this shot. Halbertec 8000, by far is the best racket for these kinds of shots (Never tried Arc 11 Pro). The shuttle listens to you and the trajectory is super easy to control. Drop shots is superb. The shuttle goes down fast. Training session and match I found myself doing drop shot and reverse slice more than my usual racket. I felt very comfortable executing the shot with Halbertec 8000 compared to all racket I’ve tried so far.

Net shots
The racket is super solid and stable. Easy net shots and cross net. I rarely over shot the shuttle. Easy control. I can’t say much since net shots are more on practice than racket it self. As long as the racket is stable.

Not this racket strong suits. Front-Mid court smash is good. But rear-court smash is not good. Well, this racket is made for control player who doesn’t full smash much. Stick smash and half smash is ok. Against decent defense you definitely won’t be able to 2-3 smash kill. 2 week of use, I never get 1 smash kill. The initial shuttle speed is good and the speed drop off significantly upon reaching opponent. I would say smashing power is similar to Arcsaber 7 pro but Arcsaber 7 pro felt much better and more solid.

The racket is suited for all-rounder that doesn’t care about smashing power. With this racket, you lose some smashing power but gaining very good control over other shot. For the price, the racket is too expensive for the performance you get. I never had more than 3 days with Arc 11 pro but I would recommend Arc 11 pro, Arc 7 pro or Hypersonic rather than this racket.

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