Replacing shuttles

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Uuummmm…. Not quite understand what you ask…

If you talk about how would changing shuttle would affect your games,
Different shuttle had different speed category. Thats by spec but ofcourse different hall with different air condition (wet, dry, etc) would affect the performance.

By feel itself that not mentioned on paper, some cork had solid hard ball & some other had kinda soft ball. This affect the hitting feel. The soft one give you heavy feel while the hard one give you light feel.

Other thing to notice are quality. Good quality shuttle not easily wear down (both feather & ball). Thorned feather slow down shuttle & worn out ball absorb to much energy.

If you change shuttle, you need to experiment urself to see how the shuttle goes.

Regarding, does using different shuttle would makes it less tiring? Im not quite sure to answer this coz i had mixed feeling about it.
1 time i use friend shuttle which i think its speedy shuttle. Its light feel & just little touch would shot the shuttle out of the court again & again, makes me look like an idiot with brute playing badminton. It seems easier but as its travel faster, it need faster footwork & preparation to catch the shuttle.
Other time i tried other local brand shuttle which turn out slow shuttle. Combined that time im stringing my racket with BG80. Its so damn tiring to get a good length of clear hit & also harder to gain good shuttle speed for attacking. But it might be me under illusion its being slower thus feel like i cant put good preasure on my shot.