Replacement for nanospeed 9900?

I have a Nanospeed 9900 in I think G3 size grip

Since then I have used Nanoray 800’s

And Nanoflare 800LT.

It’s not exactly the same, and the profile / proportions of Nanoflare 800LT took a bit of getting used to.

Nanoflare 800LT is lighter, overall has a slimmer shaft (very much like the astrox100zz or the voltric z force) and a smaller head too.
Nanoflare 800LT ultimately gave me elbow pain, but it was very fun to play with.

Make sure you absolutely still want an extra stiff flex before committing to a Nanoflare 800 (or 800LT).

There are lots of Nanorays and nanoflares in production currently, they just won’t feel exactly the same as the NS9900 because they have either got “longer handles” or smaller heads on a lot of the top end. And the ones that aren’t top end won’t be extra stiff flex.