Replacement for my Astrox 66


Following the valuable advice found here and there following recurring problems of tension in the forearm (see here), I am back to you for advice on a new racquet :)

In 2016, I bought a Babolat X Feel Essential Metricflex which did not suit me well (it seems to me that it is a stiff/very stiff, head heavy). Despite the various physio/rest sessions, it turned out that the problem came from this old racquet. I didn’t have a high level before and I didn’t really know which one get.
In fact, I think the stiffness was too technical for my arm…

I asked for more advice to find another one, I was advised the Yonex Astrox 66. I have a versatile offensive profile and it is clearly a racquet that suits me ! And most importantly, the pain is gone.

It now has some wear on the frame but I don’t have any other additional racquets in case the string breaks in competition. Therefore, I would like to switch my AX 66 to secondary and find an equivalent in main.

I was able to test a Li-Ning Xiphos X1 but I found it too “heavy”.
Is it related to the fact that it is a 3U instead of 4U of AX66 or its too pronounced header weight ?

So far, I have spotted :
Kawasaki King K9 (4U)
Li-ning Axforce 50 (4U)
Victor K 12 M (4U)
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Tour (4U)

The K9 has very good feedback but I have never tested this brand.

In the same type as the AX66 (heavy head, flex/medium), which racquet would you recommend (in my list or others) ?