Recommendations Needed!

Hello all!
I’m looking for some recommendation/advice on rackets that may suit my style of play – I had used the Victor BS12 for a number of years, and just before my injury had switched and started to use the Li-ning 9000c but was still quite cautious about how I feel about the 9000c

I play both Men’s Doubles, primarily as a front-court player, but also Mixed Doubles as well. When playing men’s doubles, my play style tends to be interceptions, drives, and drop shots – and when playing mixed I tend to drop/slice more often than most players but do smash (obviously)

I am currently coming back from a knee injury which has put me back a few months now but will be returning soon and hopefully back to competitive play – because of this, has given me plenty of time to not only return to play but possibly relearn / and adapt to a new racket.

Now what I’m thinking is, I feel the 9000c is more designed for big hitters and rear court players mainly, which I don’t think my playstyle suits much so I’m thinking of changing my rackets. I have a few in mind:

Li-ning 9000C (3uG5) – Stick to the racket and learn to play more aggressive.
Li-ning Axforce 80 (4u weight?) – I’ve heard it to be quite responsive and quick which seems to suit me…
Yonex Astrox 88s Pro – Front Court specialist? double down on it?
Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro (3u weight?) – thinking more of my placement shots over power?
Victor Auraspeed 100x – Good for front court players I’ve heard
Victor Thruster-F Enhanced? – Forums rage about it to be a good all-rounder? any advice?

If not, let me know some of your recommendations below :) Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.
Thanks and Have a nice day :D