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Perfect Badminton Low Serve Every Time – BEST METHOD — 65 Comments

  1. Kept doing this today. Suck at doubles, but kill it in singles. The badminton gods knew i needed this video.

  2. Some commentators have mentioned this serve is a bit borderline in terms of height, and looking back I agree. I was focused on demonstrating the perfect shuttle path on camera, I ended up serving a bit higher than normal. I don’t think you’d get called on a service fault in general play, but of course adjust as necessary!

  3. Thank you Jonathan for this simple and effective explanation.
    Can you make a video on the flick serve the next time?

  4. I literally just played a game of badminton this week after not having played for over 5 years and I swear your videos are more helpful to me than any coaching I received in high school.

  5. Love your channel! Iโ€™m an intermediate player and these little tips in your videos help out heaps

  6. The intro and the gif in the video are just so funny and perfect๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป…..jokes apart..this is a great video….๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฏ

  7. I Don’t even play Badminton and i’ve never played it, but i still watched the whole video for some reason…

  8. That realization when you play too much badminton and you notice that your other arm is much more muscular than the other

    Edit: I am a girl not a boy๐Ÿ˜ณ

  9. Randolf Darang what? People do get it, if otherwise, theyโ€™d have commented that they didnโ€™t get it?

  10. Ya, I did it in practice and my coach said my racket has to be lower than my hip when Iโ€™m serving, at least I know now.

  11. Great tips, Jonathan! Thanks a lot. I’ve played for 18 years, and one of the more, ahem, consistent problems I’ve had is with my short serve.

  12. The problem is that your “reach out” point is only valid because of how high you serve. If you serve at correct height, then you can’t serve that close to the net, with such subtle stroke.

  13. Not borderline but clearly too high. Not very useful to learn a perfect serve that is illegal and WILL get called. I would call that serve even in friendly games because it’s not very friendly to try and tune a perfect serve that is not legal.

  14. i am expanding my arsenal to destroy all oponents in my school’s badminton unit.

  15. @UrNothing _ Shuttlecock is to be held below 115cm from floor at moment of release from 1st March 2018. It does appear that he is holding it above 115 as he’s not far below the 155cm net height but that could be a visual trick and he could be a shorty. (Rationality tells me that a badminton coach knows how to serve legally.) When the new law was announced some of the gun players complained and ridiculed the rule.

  16. @Fabrice Valleix what about in case of singles. Is there any change?

  17. @Hafees Rahmann still the same, it’s just that it is implemented only on high levels

  18. @Binup Dhungana better look beforehand where 115cm is on your body :p But don’t do weed at all before Sport xD

  19. I’m a professional Volleyball player but I do know everything. No need to learn from this kid.

  20. @Alva Vanieva M Momin okey mr know everything, why Albert Einstein name still being smartest human on earth and why not your name? because “you know everthing” right?

  21. @UG_NETWORK Hahahaha try to learn from your mistakes kid๐Ÿ˜Š and not to imitate but to discover yourself then the world will know your name too. By the way I’m miss not Mr.

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