Only 6 mains & crosses (or 4)

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Hi Guys,

I saw the clip of Badminton Insight where they only use 6 mains and cross strings (and even 4 and 2) to do an accuracy / sweetspot challenge.
I think this is a great funny way to practice clean hitting with childeren (and even adults).
So I want to string some old rackets like this. Already thinking of doing this for over 6 months but I cant figure out how to string a racket in this way. Watched to clip over and over but just dont get it. Do you guys have any suggestion? Mainly regarding placement of knots? It looks like they make a string loop around 5 and 7 o clock in the frame but I just dont get it.
And what about deformation of the frame only doing 12 (or less) strings instead of ~40, should you lower tension?


The clip:

[embedded content]