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Only 1 cold spray per match! — 35 Comments

  1. I think we should give the right for coaches to call challenge like volleyball.

  2. Firstly, a greatly appreciation to Flash Shuttles for the updating the new rules. Secondly,proceed to the comments shall I made. First rule and third rule changes made are a nice piece of amendment as it secure the rights given to the players for a fair game. On the other hand, the second rule is a rather disappointing policy as it has infringed the players’ rights to medical treatment. This policy is rather disastrous to the players in important tournaments especially Olympics games and World Championship. If players are not granted the right to medical payments, how could they perform well in such important matches not only to themselves but also to the audience? The match delay should be a secondary consideration where the players’ rights shall first prevail over the former’s.

  3. The first rule is so important for umpires to be close to as interactive as they are in tennis and do the needful

  4. Net faults are always controversial issues. Players should let players challenge the umpire whenever they don’t agree with the call

  5. props to viktor axelsen for being a true sportsman. that umpire for the match should be banned from high level matches. Shi Yuqi deserves that challenge.

  6. 3:30 Umpire says “It’s okay, play.”, Tf you mean its okay. You literally didn’t even let SYQ speak and when he did get your attention, you denied it because you realize you neglected him. Even Victor had to question that one himself.

  7. Even with the white shirts I don’t think anyone would confuse Viktor Axelsen and Chou Tien Chen

  8. Well. If that was allowed then there must be some good connection with he coach and the player since they both have to agree to it.

  9. Plus I normally see that umpire making bad calls. She shouldn’t even be an umpire at all

  10. LOLOLOLOLOL Instead of keep changing (or in their words, improving) the rules, I’d rather BWF gives the judge that made an obvious mistake a warning/suspend his/her license if that happens a lot on them. The athlete put effort and time into it and practice like a non-human. Why only the athlete is being judged all the time? Especially the intense moment during the game. The judge can easily ruin the entire career because of a wrong judgment. What about the judges? If they did something wrong, they could get away with it and they would not receive any kind of punishment because they are judges. That’s kinda BS tbh!!!!!

  11. Aliff Asyraff – Boss calm down she follows the rules! That’s what an umpire must do!

  12. @TheNaruaxB i’m pretty calm, really. but the point being, the new rules about notifying players about overruling and chance to challenge has been implemented before the all england. so no excuses there. this umpire is not even following the rules

  13. Some part of this video had been edited out, after it was uploaded on youtube, due to some copyright issues. If you wish to watch the original longer video, i have re uploaded it on google drive along with the subtitles here: https://bit.ly/3eGHgB7

  14. Please please please re upload Lee chong wei tribute video 🙏🙏🙏 please again….hope you will upload it…such a great video that was…I’m emotionally connected to that video and I get inspired watching that video…but you have removed it 😔

  15. Somehow I feel, badminton players don’t get the respect they deserve from the federation, umpire or even the audience, as compared to other sports.

  16. @slkjksjslkjs Video has been re-uploaded via channel pinned comment. What happened if I can remember, Axelsen shot was called out and he challenged, line judge recalls it in, opponent challenges, umpire rules too late and point goes to axelsen. Took opponent a moment to realize what happened. She presumably demands them to play and continue.

  17. @BamBamBoo Yaajwait so the comments also get recycled and posted when video gets reuploaded? wow I had no idea HAHAH

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