New racket recommendations from Yonex ti3

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Hi all,
I’m looking for some advice on a new racket. Little bit of history first. I started playing at 16 and carried on until around my mid 20’s. I played doubles league and at some point around the early 2000’s picking up the Yonex ti3. It’s been my go to racket since. I didn’t play much from mid 20’s until late 30’s. I’ve been playing non stop again now for around 18 months, filling in for players in the 21/22 doubles league season and now playing full time in the 22/23 season.
I’m still using the ti3 which is getting a little old and tired after 2 decades. It’s coming up to my 41st birthday and the Mrs said she would buy me a new one. This is where I am stumped. I loved playing with my ti3 up until about 2 months ago when the strings snapped, they were orange and i thought they were bg65. I had no idea what tension after all these years. So I went 22lb and bg65. I’m not happy since, one of my other rackets has orange bg80 power, so it might have been those. The ti3 is 2U G3. I like a thick grip, so this has grips on it. I’ve read the ti3 racket is head heavy, but it feels balanced to me compared to my doubles partners 88s play, which feels head heavy and over all heavier than mine at 4U G5. I have always had a stong wrist and backhand, so looking to keep that or improve upon it and always had good power from the ti3 smashing, not so much after the new strings. I’ll progably go back to the bg80 power stings.

So any ideas on a new racket? I want to keep power in my smash, I like attacking, but need the speed of reaction at the front, which the ti3 in the past has given me, despite it supposedly being 2U. So maybe a more balanced racket, slightly head heavy for power or will the bg80 power compensate enough to keep it more blanced for the quick reactions and net play?

I’ve done a bit of reading and keep coming back to the 88s Game racket. But i’m not sure on the small grip, lighter weight and being head heavy.

Thanks in advance and any question let me know.