new li ning n string series n58 n61 n63 n65 n68 n69 n70

New Li-Ning “N“ string series | N58, N61, N63, N65, N68, N69, N70

Since the new line of Li-Ning strings is starting to pop up more and more around the globe, I think it makes sense to have a thread to consolidate all user reviews and impressions.

Speaking October 2022, there is no information out yet how the full string lineup of Li-Ning will look like longterm and if they will continue both the Nxx and their established and popular No.x series in parallel. Looking at it from a business point of view only, it definietely makes sense to end up with having one series so I somehow expect that the No.x is supposed to die at a point when the N-series has gained some popularity.

Let’s start with the performance ratings and specs, taken from the Fall/Winter 2022 catalogue (


As reference, here are the No.1 and No.5 in comparison (No.7 has already died it seems):


Apart from the typical Li-Ning inconsistencies (idiocies?) in the ratings, the fine spread of available gauges is interesting but makes it difficult for a player to find “their” perfect string. And of course also expensive for stringers to offer the whole range.
I guess that also counts for the local Li-Ning distribution centers since Li-Ning Germany is only offering N61 and N68 right now.

The N series is still “Made in Japan” which indicates that it is produced by the same OEM as the No.x strings.

I’m looking forward to read how you guys are rating the new strings yourself (both as player and stringer), especially in direct comparison with the No.x ones.