Need tips on how to drop past the 1hr mark for a racquet to be strung…

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hello, so long time reader but first time posting. I have a cheap no fixed clamp, drop weight machine with 6 point holding.

im struggling to get under the hour mark on stringing a racquet. the first 10-15 mins i have been able to do the main strings, but the rest takes me so long. I know i lose time trying to get in the shared holes, ive used a string mover and pliers to feed the string in and still find it touch and go.

tying off, ive tried learning the gudgeon knot

weaving, im doing a weave before tensioning the cross before

is it the tensioning part that takes the longest ?

any tips that i can use to minimise the time spent on the machine ? or is the only way to get a new machine ?

Thanks for your help in advance