Need help with a racket recommendation!

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Based on what you looking for, i could recommend a few racket, some i used personally, the others are quite favourable among my friends.

From Yonex side, arc 11, arc 11 pro and arc 7 pro maybe will suit you best. I’ve used all of them, and still use 7pro. They are quite similar racket with a few differences, most notably speed and power. If you want more power, go with 11 pro, if you want more speed, 7 pro is the best among them. The old 11 is somewhat in the middle.

From victor, maybe try drive x 9x or the old school Bravesword 12. While i never tried the drive x, some of my friends use them. For the BS12, thats the best even balance racket in LYD prime era, and a little bit comparable to old gen arc 11, with BS12 is quicker, and arc11 a little bit more powerful.

A couple of them can withstand 30 lbs and so far have no issues with their frame, like drivex 9x, arc 11 pro, and arc 7 pro, but make sure you replace the grommet as soon as they show signs of wear and tear.

Oh, I cant say anything about LiNing, as im not much of a fan of their racket.