Need help choosing new racket: Mid stiff, slightly head heavy

I wanna buy a new racket, but I need some recommendations. I’ve mostly played and enjoyed Li Ning rackets so far and played with the N9-II for 5 years. After it broke in doubles, I went for the 100zz since I wanted to have something with a more solid feeling. I really liked the control and touch, but I had trouble generating enough power due to the stiffness. Combine that with the small sweet spot and the racket was too difficult to play for me, so I end up selling it and now I need something else.

My new racket should be somewhat head heavy, since my playstyle is kinda agressive, but not too head heavy, since I play both mixed and doubles. Furthermore it should be a little bit stiffer and more solid feeling than N9-II, but definitely less stiff than 100zz. So no sledgehammer like Astrox 99 Pro, more like something that sits right in between N9II and 100zz. What would you recommend here?

I would love to go back to Li Ning, but unfortunately they’ve become super hard to find here in Germany (there is literally not a single online shop that sells the is not even listed on their official website). So I have to go with Yonex or Victor.

Two rackets that I had in mind so far:

– Ryuga II: How would you rate stiffness compared to 100zz? Is it easier to generate power?

-Astrox 77 Pro: Does it have a similar feeling and touch as 100zz? And how does it compare power wise to the others? Downside here, I absolutely hate the color and paint job.

What are your thoughts and what would you recommend? Thanks in advance :)