Need advice for a heavy racket weighing around 90g or more

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Hi ,

So basically looking for a racket suggestion for a heavy racket ideally weighing around 90g or more . I am mostly a singles player (I would say high intermediate / low advanced ) but also play backcourt / baseline in doubles when I play doubles .
I would want something heavy and preferable also head heavy for smashes to be effective from back court and easier lifts and clears !

Also i have slightly unstable wrist which overrotates so having something heavy in hand stabilizes it and funny enough sometimes playing with old heavy basic aluminium / compound etc rackets i feel more in control .

My current rackets are AVP , ashaway xfire
( Both around 88g ) And old Yonex 7000I 2u .

Any suggestions would be welcome . We do play with mostly plastics as of now but i do have strong enough wrists as squash is also a regular for me.

Thank you !