Narrow and flat feet/ need new shoes

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need your help with a new pair of shoes.
Yesterday in the store i tried 65z3, 65z3 wide, babolat shadow tour and aerus z.
It looked like that i have really narrow and flat feet. Because of that the 65z3 doesn’t fit me it was to much material up the span. The 65z3 wide was way more flat in this area but in total to wide. The babolat was not to bad but felt a little bit clunky.
Aerus Z was perfect snug fit what i really liked! I am just i little worried about the cushioning.
So would love this fitting type of shoe with medium cushioning.

I am close to 80kg end my size is 45,5 to 46 (sadly so many shoes are not available in Europe in this size)
If there are not good options i would stick to the aerus z would you guys rather go for smaller or bigger size?

Looking forward for your recommendations