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MS | LIN Dan (CHN) [6] vs LEE Chong Wei (MAS) [2] | BWF 2018 — 49 Comments

  1. The master of badminton has done it again! But what a beautiful game it was, so many 20+ rallies. I loved the sound of the shuttle getting from the rackets, they hit it so hard. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, a shame it wasn’t the final.

  2. Lcw new hair style. Have to give it to both of them. So old still play at such a high level. Just this alone. Both are winners.

  3. I can see that LCW changed his footwork strats, he is now doing less skipping/bouncing to save energy. But I just think mentally he is more exhausted. LD kept his cool despite 0-4 at the start.

  4. LCW is agreat competitor. He has lost to LD but he always keeps trying and gives his best. We all know LD is a marvel of badminton but to compete him we need fighters like LCW. Both are champions I should say. Legends in their own way. pople will always rembr them. I love to see both play its such a delight.

  5. 35:01 2012 lin dan would have returned it and probably even won the point, like in the olympic final

  6. 30’s isn’t old but for competitive athletes, the are considered old. Also, don’t get Jim wrong. He isn’t saying they are old bag. He was just expressing his admiration on them, Mr 7.5 IELTS.

  7. @Chua Kim Yuan LCW is like Ip Man, looks kinda like him too. Both are highly skilled but physically frail. Lin Dan is like Mike Tyson in Ip Man 3, highly skilled and with physical prowess to boot.

  8. @Joe Lee It depends on how you maintain your body, there some people in the 30s still as fit as those in 20s. I’m in my 20s and have played badminton against people 60-70 and you still need to take them seriously. Of course, im not a pro but I find badminton is more about skill then physical abilities.

  9. You guys are stupid for not getting his point in old as in badminton age, 30s is considered old by that time most people would play as good as when they are younger

  10. I believe that’s normally the case, he’s the player that intimidates him the most. It’s for a reason obviously, he’s so good but also very confident.

  11. 查查某 ikr but he could have just put it in a better way than “so old”

  12. The 40th and the last LIN LEE Battle 第四十場也是最後一場林李大戰。Respect

  13. The last match they ever played. The end of a long story. All the luck to LCW

  14. The last rally between these 2 legends, LD and LCW. The end of a wonderful badminton decade. All the blessed to LCW.

  15. It feels like LD is putting in much more effort when playing against LCW. He only risks injury for LCW

  16. Agree. He doesnt use his full power yet. Try to watch his match against kenta momota, you can see his strength there.

  17. Stanislas Houston wrong. If you watch badminton, you will know obviously one is better than another

  18. Facts at 5:23 blown me away. 😱
    LCW 102 FINAL, 67 WON.
    LD 67 FINAL (actually 87), 65 WON

  19. @Chua Kim Yuan Theyre equal to me. Lin dan beats lcw but lcw beats 99% of the other players who beat lin dan eg anthony ginting, momota, viktor axelsen, kidambi etc. Its only the pressure that makes lcw lose.

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