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Mid flex, fast, easy on the arm racket


My current racket is Bravesword 12 strung with BG80. I don’t know the tension as I bought it second hand. I love the fast frame and mid flex. Where I lack is in smashes and clears from baseline. I bought Ashaway Viper XT1600 and strung with NBG98 @ 24lbs. But it felt more stiff than Bravesword 12 and I’m not able to generate any power for clears and smashes.

Shuttle used: Nylon – Mavis 350 Blue (100%)
Game: Doubles (100%)
Level of play: mid to high Intermediate, I’m trying
Age: In the 40s
Preferred String: BG80 (wish to try BG66UM in the next). I liked the hard feel, control that it gives. NBG98 felt numb and had no power.

Looking for a racket with the same sweet spot, flex, fast frame, with bit more power and easy on the arms as a BRS 12. Wish to try non-yonex brands please.

Currently interested in:
Auraspeed 90k
King K9 4U

I won’t be able to get Jnice, Felet where I live.


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