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Men’s Badminton Doubles Gold Medal Match – China v Denmark | London 2012 Olympics — 84 Comments

  1. i love cai/fu, and they are amazing players, but i think they were pretty lucky to have avoided playing against lee yong dae. in a way, the danes helped the chinese win the gold medal

  2. No disrespect to Boe because he really is quite skilled, but I just find it funny the number of times I thought I paused the video when he’s serving. 😀

  3. i love how when they won, cai yun ran off the court with excitement and fu hai feng just broke down and sobbed LOL

  4. China just seem like they’re playing on another level compared to denmark. Denmark is so outclassed here

  5. Imagine if there was a game where players play with their weaker hand i.e. if they are right hander they have to play with left hand
    that would be hilarious

  6. No, their weak hand would just become the strong one. They should have competitions where they force everyone to switch.

  7. I think they came second in the last Olympics especially it was held in their home country so that’s y they were a little emotional. plus China had swept all gold in badminton and this was the last match ..

  8. feel like this female commentator really love cai yun coz every game I heard the sentence” he is so sharp, excellent serve, so fast, he dominates the front court” lol

  9. Jesus, they have lightning-fast reflexes. That *has* to be natural, not something they trained for…

  10. OoooooOoOoOOoooh my GOD.
    If you tuned in to the Channel 9 News broadcast yesterday evening, you’re probably still cringing so hard your jaw is permanently locked shut, rendering you unable to eat solid food ever again.
    I’ll be living off a soup-only diet alongside you.
    Because what started off as a heartfelt farewell to weather girl Bec Judd (who had her last appearance tonight before taking maternity leave) turned into TV’s – nay – THE WORLD’S most awkward situation ever.
    All I can say is poor Peter Hitchener, who helplessly witnessed Tony Jones leant in for smooch of Bec’s perfect cheek, only to be epically rejected and for the moment to be documented and replayed forever more.
    Can we… I can’t… I just…
    AHHHHHHHHHHHH IT’S SO CRINGEWORTHY I’m actually howling at my desk.
    Tony, Tony, Tony.

  11. ok…. i can c that Denmark is trying its best, but the Chinese receives every smashes, its just like two level 1 playing with two level 100 master, not on the same level

  12. two days ago I watched on TV mixed double final (gold match) Rio 2016… it’s so disappointed when you see so many empty seats during the game.. I think Rio 2016 it not ready enough orginizing the olimpic,, especially badminton -_- -_-

  13. Did you just judge the whole olympic by the number of seats? the staff must be hired for a reason. This is a billion-dollar event, dude

  14. You should see how much Fu Haifeng improved since he started playing with Zhang Nan – Fu is now a lot older so no longer has the huge smash, and has had to instead step up all the other areas of his game. Cai and Fu are both wonderful athletes

  15. Me and my friend went undefeated 20-0 in gym class. I thought we were good. I was wrong.

  16. No One it’s actually pretty easy after a while. From the way your opponent sets up their shot, you can just tell how and where to counter. It becomes a natural reflex, I don’t even think about it when playing, it’s a subconscious move.

  17. birdman Denmark, Indonesia and China (maybe Malaysia) are the most dominant.

  18. @Kemal Maulana Gw bukan sombong. Gw cuma bilang kalau badminton memang populer banget di negara kita. Sama memang sih, kebanyakan pemain badminton dari Jepang ada yang memang pro banget, kayak Kento Momota (Suka juga gw sama dia). Bahkan di All England 2020, kebanyakan pemain Indonesia ada yang kalah sama pemain dari negara lain kayak Malaysia, Denmark, Cina, dll.

    PS: Don’t make me feel bad

  19. It’s Indonesia in the final, so no one else cares to be honest, cuz all you get from them are insults and threats.

  20. @Ming Xuan Benedict Teo English is global language, but Chinese isn’t, so its more unusual, you dumbo.

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